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Pen and paper band logo "transcription" into .jpg


Could you transcribe this pen and paper into jpeg? It doesn't have to look the same (but it would be ok), it would be also very nice to see your interpretation of it if you would want to do it your way. And please make it white text on black background (ofc. not necessary if you want to make it your way). Thank you very much!

Roki, here is a .jpg with what I think you are requesting. I have also attached the Photoshop .psd file with the saved paths for the R and K lines. This image would be better served in Illustrator as a vector image but ,since you asked for a .jpg, here you are. Give me a few minutes and I will convert to vector format in Illustrator.

** update ** - Illustrator vector image attached.

Cheers, CB


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A possible variation (though I am not sure?) but you did ask ;)



Seems like everyone else nailed the straight transcription of the logo, so here's a possible interpretation instead. It's different.
Wow, much thanks guys! Didn't know that people on the internet can be so helpful!
I've posted thread like this also on reddit, and i've chosen this work:
What do you think about it? @fredfish
Check out Muse logo. Even if i wanted, it would be bad if i would use it, because our band already is inspired by Muse musically;)
(Sorry for not posting for so long, lack of time)
I really like it! Nice clean lines and clearly achieves the effect you want.

It is always a good idea to think (even now) about copyright - looking at the MUSE logo I think you are close enough to be similar but far enough away not to cause problems.

What you do want is to really hit it big only for some lawyer to tell you that you owe thousands in copyright breech!

Best of luck with the band :thumbsup:


Hello guys. I need your help again.
Could you make different color variations of our logo? I did it myself... in paint. We want to print it into our drum set, but quality suffered too much because of the program used. So I need someone to color it into different variations. Below i've put a google folder with those paint .jpg's


It would be nice, if you could make those variations:
- 1.5
- 1.1
- 2.4
1.0 is the original one, with best quality.
You could do more if you wish, but those are most important for me! Muuuuuuuch thanks!

Thanks for the wishes John. Now our logo is even more different than Muse's one, but I hope we will get sued one day... that will mean, that we've hit it big!:)
Thaaaanks! But this folder is private, and i can't view it.. I've sent request for permission to view it, from this email:*

Mod edit: please do not post e-mail adresses

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