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Specific Person Removal (ENGAGEMENT)


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I would love to have the lady and her shadow, the flyer on the fence, and the bag on the ground removed from this photo... (possible cord going from book bag to the pocket of male).....NYC

Much thanks, everyone!




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"Hi to the editors of these pics. I would like to comment on the edits. Firstly, I think you have done a good job on them but as a Photoshop user for many years, I would like to add some CC. When you have cloned out the things that the OP asked for, it has left obvious duplicated cloning effects which really should be addressed. Especially on the fence, with the wires missing and same timber grains. The fence post in JVO2's edit should be as high as the other. Also the buildings in the background needed to be done with a bit more care. It was clever to blur the BG. When cloning, it's good to alter the clone in some way by distorting and even flipping it, then if there are small parts that look the same, just clone them out. As soon as you do that, you remove the duplication effect. This is just the way I see it and is not anything personal but maybe a little more attention to detail by all of us may be the order of the day to get the best outcome for the OP. Cheers and carry on with your great work.