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Specific Photo Background

Hello! I'm not sure the best way to go about this and would appreciate some help. I have a graduation photo of myself but there are lots of people in the background. If someone could maybe blur them and the background a bit, I'd appreciate it. I'm not sure how else to remove them but that's basically what I'm going for. Thanks so much in advance.

Can I ask how you made the selection percise enough that even the gaps behind the hair strands are gone?
I used the pen tool in Photoshop CC following any/all defined edges and a rough outline of her hair on both sides. With this selection, I copied her to a new layer and used Quick Mask mode to fine tune
the background (remove it from the selection) as close as possible. Then, with this second selection, I copied her to a new layer and used a hair brush to fill in the hair that did not make the mask.
The background, one of many available on the net, was placed below.
Hope this helps.