Photo isn't wide enough - effects to "fill in the blank space"?

I need a photo that is 960hx332w pixels wide. I have a photo perfect but it's only 700 pixels wide, and due to the aspect ratio I can't really just resize it any more.

That's OK, because there'll be some text over the 260-ish pixels that the photo doesn't fit on. But I don't want that part to be just blank white or a solid color.

So what effects/tutorials exist for taking the right edge of the photo and using it to fill in the right edge of the blank space? Perhaps "smearing" or "fading" it across the blank space? Or one of those "crumbling into little blocks" effects? Per perhaps something that looks like the photo trails off to a blur or something.

I've googled but haven't really found anything. Anyone know a good tutorial or effect off the top of their head?
Thanks Chris - I hadn't used that feature, but I've played with it now. It works well for smaller resizes, particularly if you protect some sections via selection. I am in your debt!


It doesn't work so well for cases like this:

Don't let that file name scare you - it's a kid playing at the beach :)

That image is 289px wide. That space it's going in is 960px, so I want to keep the pic as-is, but take the right edge of the sand and "smear" or "fade" it to the right.

I'm sure it's child's play for a PS pro, but my neanderthal skills are coming up a little short. I have a whole bunch of these, so I'm looking for a good technique or tutorial I can use.

Anyone have a breadcrumb trail?

brandon skyy

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you could always crop out the kids head. and then scale up/sideways either side of it slightly, cloning some of the sand by hand if needed.


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Hmm, that's huge! It means you need to fill up with imaginary stuff 300% more of what you have already. I think that goes beyond taking what you have and smearing/stretching/whatevering. Of course we can do that, for example the "liquify" filter would get your quite far. But honestly I think it simply too much. I would suggest another strategy:

Take the Photo you have and merge it into a high-resolution pic off a beach or sandpit or something similar. That will probably much easier and much more efficient and you wouldn't have to worry about making up acres of imaginary stuff. Would that also work for you?

We would just have to find some high-res beach/sand to use - anyone have something like that lying around or know where we could get one?


copy the kids head >increase the resolution >size the picture to frame> flatten picture>select the head again> delete head using content aware> past the head and size appropriately should do it
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