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Paid Photo Manipulation Job: $25~

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This is a request for a memorial portrait for my gf and her late uncle. Could you please use any of the photos attached below to make a picture of my gf and her uncle together? (I only have two of him so but I tried to attach as many of my gf as possible, so please feel free to use whichever of each one that you think will blend the best together). He passed away when she was younger and I want to give her a photo of them together because she only has a few very old ones. I really appreciate your time, I can’t explain how much this means. I can send the payment through Paypal, Apple Pay, or Venmo. Also, if the payment needs adjusting please let me know. This gift means a lot and I want to make sure your time/skills are respected.

It is a birthday gift, so I'm hoping to have it done before July 13th if possible. I would also like to keep the images private, mostly because I don't want to take the very small risk that she somehow sees this and accidentally gets spoiled before I have the chance to print the photo and frame it for her.

Thank you so much.
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