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Photo Templates?

Hi! I'm very new to photoshop. Just bought PS 7.0. Never in a million years would I have believed it would be so in depth. Please help me if you can. For right now I'm trying to create a photo template for a picture that would fit in a specific placement on letter sized paper X 56. 8 accross and 7 down. Like a sheet of stamps. I want it so I can just plug in a picture and print whenever I want , a sheet of faux stamps. I would greatly appreciate any help whatsoever from you experts. Thank You!
Welcome Bookman
what you want is in the custom shape tools (I have a collection of frame shapes downloaded from a site that I can't remember now [confused] )
here are the shapes
here I have zipped up the frame shapes....... just unzip them and put them into your Preset/Custom Shapes folder
Welcome to the forum bookman:perfect:

You might try checking out the 'File/Automate/Picture Package' function
might just be what you are looking for[confused]

Sue, thanks for the shapes:perfect:
I will take a look for ya later and zip up some more
just found them wandering through cyber space some where just wish I could remember where so I could give credit to them [confused] because I didn't create them someone else did but they were free for use as all of mine are :D
Welcome bookman ! You've already discovered just how friendly and helpful this place is, eh? :)

Sue... great shapes which I've helped myself to, too! Thanks! :)
Thank you all very much for your help! I have never even posted in a forum, chatroom, etc. It was a very positive experience and gave me alot of ideas. I had my doubts about my question but you guys made me feel real comfortable. I will study up on photoshop and maybe someday I will be able to help someone out. Thank You!


It's important for us that you experience the same joy we have with Photoshop bookman. If you need any help, just let us know; you will always get the help you need ;)


For those who don't know Adobe Studio Exchange (important site);

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