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Specific Photoshop a headshot

Hi everyone! Can you please remove the shadow behind me and fix the contrast/brightness to make it more professional? The requirements are listed below. Thank you in advance!
  • File Type: JPG/JPEG or PNG
  • Maximum File Size: 150 KB
  • Maximum Dimensions: 2.5 in. x 3.5 in.
  • Maximum Resolution: 150 DPI

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Thank you so much! it looks awesome! I just tried to upload it onto a my website and it's giving me an error because of the dimensions. Are to you able to make the height 3.5 and width 2. (portrait orientation and not landscape)? Sorry for the confusion!
No problem. First can you clarify do you want 3.5 inch high and 2 or 2.5 wide? To have it look natural in any case I will have to trim into your shoulders. Back in a bit with the desired aspect ratio
OK, I had to go back to the hi-res version, re-crop and then downsize and readjust the masking. I left the width at 2.5 because it started to get a bit narrow to the face otherwise.
I did not do any retouching on your face as it is very nice yet if you want any other changes just let me know.
Hope you enjoy this additional version
John Wheeler