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Photoshop and AI


@JeffK , that's pretty good ! I'm still (and always) against AI on philosophical principles, but I can't argue with the result.
It's a creative dilemma for me. I resisted using it but saw it also as an innovation. Is it limiting my work or expanding it? I see work that you've been doing with a version of PS that predates many upgrades. Yet the high bar you set in your work is a place I want to reach.
I've lived the printed life and have worked in environments that went from hot metal and mechanicals. to digital type and page makeup. I remember an artist that resisted desktop saying it was a "fad" - six months after she said that, all the production artists in the company had desktops and she was gone. This environment is moving in such a way that you struggle to keep up. Yet, I still deeply admire those artisans and creatives that work with their hands, digging manually into structure, form, and material.
The end result is what we look for. Our judgement of that end result is what's important. But how much do we give over to AI and how much to keep for ourselves? Convenience is a trap I think. But can't be ignored.


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interesting debates going on all over about ai - not to mention its flagrant copying of other people's work!

i have no objection to its use as long as it is identified as such - which isn't often done when used for nefarious / sales purposes.

we live in interesting times, when we can no longer believe what we see, and are fed 'news' from sources far removed from the actual news... i suppose it really doesn't matter that much since in a very short time we will be extinct because we'll have suffered the results of NO climate change ;-)