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Specific Photoshop background removal

3S7A8177.JPG 3S7A8177.JPG 3S7A8177.JPG 3S7A8177.JPG 3S7A8177.JPG Hi guys. I have taken photos and want to remove the current background with a beautiful background. I have 185 of them. What is the easiest way to remove them in Photoshop and then replace it. How would you create and run such an action. I have to samples of the photos. They 3S7A8078.JPG all have the same solid background.Help please!!!
1. You will have to use the Pen Tool and make a path around each subject.
2. Make a selection of the path and create a Layer Mask.
3. Add your new background image under this layer on its own layer.


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What the OP is asking is if there is a easy way to mass remove the backgrounds for 100+ pictures...because each image is different it will be difficult and they have to be traced one by one. I will suggest taking the pictures with a green screen.

Green screen and good light
The mayor problem with this picture to do that, is the shadow.. for being to close to the wall, that shadow with a balck shirt is a problem ^^.