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Photoshop CC 2015 freezes entire computer


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I am having an issue with Photoshop freezing my entire Windows 7 computer. Photoshop would randomly freeze or freeze my entire computer where I cannot do anything for up to 20 minutes. I cannot do anything during this time, not even bring up the task manager. the 'Busy' cursor remains on all screens, including the taskbar. I Googled the problem, didn't get any hits. added '"CC 2015"' only crashing showed up. added '-crash -crashes -crashing' to force Google to exclude those words. I got one relevant hit, but it was a guy who was using remote access to use Photoshop, had a reply asking for other people with the issue, no other replies were present, I'd like to reply myself but every time I log into adobe, I get "This page isn't redirecting properly." While the similar situation, I am on the offending machine directly, however. I am not using remote access. I have this problem on two separate machines.

Can anybody tell me what is the problem and how should I go about fixing it? Thanks