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Photoshop CS6: How to make 360 movie of images


Hi Folks:cheesygrin:

The new kid here with my first question.

I'm looking to get serious about my E commerce site, I want to be different then just a (flat) image showing the product. I've been trying to figure out how to make everything a 360 degree view. I'm mostly looking to use this feature for shoes or snowboard boots. Can I just use the current still image & duplicate and stitch everything together?

On the same subject,with new products arriving I want to use a motorized lazy suzy and just convert the clip. Can that be done in Photoshop and how is the file uploaded? via a image or movie. We are using Magento moving forward for the new e commerce site.

Sorry about the bad spelling and grammar,I will re-wright everything to better help explain my plan.

any help would be great

Thank you

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