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Paid Photoshop Expert Required - Modeling, Sports, Racing and others

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£100-250 per image.

Hi guys and girls, new to the forum this week, nice to you all, this is my second request post but hopefully I can explain better without breaking the forum rules.

I have already got one exceptional member of the forum Argos working with me, and may possibly need more as the work load is quite large.

Anyhow, I have an up and coming modeling magazine and already have a team working on the edits and writing etc, and a forum member making a start on images, however, I need people who Have very high attention to detail and exceptional at their photoshop skills, now all I can say about this modeling magazine is it is 18+, so I will explain to you in pms what I am looking done.

Of course I will need a small portfolio of 15 images I will send to you with a request of what I want done on each image to see how good you are, and if you are good enough I will pay exceptionally well at the end of the trail run which will be £300, and they all must be done.

Then after that, Rates per photo editing request range from £100 to £250 depending on what needs done, all payed via PayPal Friends and Family.

If you are interested and decide to give it a go, please don't hesitate to tell me if an image is to difficult to do as then I can work the models to get different angles/lighting/dress sense etc and it will take stress of you and myself and I can send another.

I am also looking experienced graphic designers, and also people who have done car racing mags before or would like to give it a go, specifically Japanese imports, and some work will be higher paid than others.

So basically, I am doing all kinds of magazine work, and will need new team members.

Please PM me and we can discuss the opportunity further.

Kind Regards
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