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Photoshop just went crazy! What just happened?


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I have been editing a panorama for about 2 hours now, and just about finished when I used the spot healing brush and the image went crazy! I restarted photoshop as I thought it was just a software issue and when I did it was even worse, there are weird white boxes, and boxes of different parts of the image all over the place, on all layers, and now they seem to be saved permanently on my most recent save.

What on earth could have caused this? And is there any way I fix it? My autorecover folder is empty for some reason, even though I have it set to save every 10 minutes. But as the software didn't crash, and I also did a manual save (with different file name) I guess there is no way to recover it?

Anyone have any ideas?

pano malfunction.PNG
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First time seeing this, but looks to me like a file corrupted.... so no solution that i know off. if you want you can upload the psd here and I or other members can confirm it.
I would love to share it but unfortunately it is over 1gb in size :/

Try turning off graphics processor acceleration
Then try resetting preferences
Worth a shot
John wheeler
The weird squares are now editable so I think it is a bit too late for that :(

Does anyone know if there is any way to check for any recovery or autosave files?