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Photoshop Logo for site

Hallo everyone
i recently created a site(dark themed) about photography
I would like a logo for the site and i have found one i like but i just cannot create it as it should be
This is what i am trying to get
I do not manage to create lines in order

So can someone help me with that
How to create the lines to appear like this,and how about the glowing effect?

Thanks in advance
There are longish ways to do this and there are simple ways. You could make various wavy lines with the pen tool, duplicate them, make them different colors with inner or outer glows - I'd say, outer glows mostly, or both - and transform each batch of lines to make them slightly different. Then it's just a matter of adding the white or slightly color toned dots with a feathered round brush and putting glows on them. For the cloudy area, I would use another soft brush, maybe one of the paint brush brushes and add glows to that.

Or you could find brushes, like fractals, to get this effect.

One or both of these methods should work. Personally, I would try the pen tool first, just for the fun and the practice if nothing else.