Photoshop Request - Improving Picture Quality

Hey guys,

I was at an event a few months ago that Kal Penn was at and took a picture with him but unfortunately only had my Blackberry to take the picture. I've tried to improve the picture quality in Photoshop 7.0 myself but I just can't seem to get this picture to look any better.

Can anyone here try to make the picture better quality? There is a lot of noise and it's just all around low quality. I've attached the full size picture but feel free to resize it if that makes it easier to edit.

Thank you!


Yeah, a bit . . .
Beast, it looks great. Just one suggestion. Clone out the naked light bulb; it's hurting my eye balls! LOL.
Clareby, they did haha :rofl: will work on the bulb but fortunately for me the naked bulb just made my eyeballs twitch rather than inflict pain :eek:

Cheers for making me finally google photoshops high pass filter use, often wondered what it was but always too lazy to find out.
It's something I use when I remember but forget about on most occasions. Handy tool to know though buddy :thumbsup:

Nem, Nice job buddy although the vignette starts on the eyeballs if I stare too long :eek::eek::eek:=:cry: :rofl:

Manda Burns

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I darkened background with a few layers of black, sharpened it, used wrinkle brush on faces, changed eye glare, used clone tool for lights and super shiny stuff, put a bronze on the faces, lightened the whole picture. here's what I got. still has a little noise. open to anyone to change :)
What the heck ... I might as well give it a shot, too....

Tom M

PS - I never bothered getting the janglies out of the left dude's shirt, but I probably should have also done that.

PPS - The most important part of my fix was the use of Focus Magic to reduce the diagonal motion blur.
That looks awesome. Thanks!