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hi guys!

I understand this is a board to answer questions and support me in learning how to use photoshop ... but I just cant figure it out so far at all :rolleyes:

My best friends bday is coming up tomorrow and Im half a world away this year ... Could someone help me make a jpeg of any kind that I can send her for her bday? or better post it on facebook....

I have an old picture of her, the oldest I could find ... I could provide a few more old and some new pics ...

I dont even have ideas yet on what to make .. a pic, a card ... I dont know ..
some infos if that would help:
we have been friends for over 21 years, therefore we met in 1991
she turns 29 this year
she is in Germany, Im in the US WY/CO area
something with pancakes would be funny, on ther 16th bday I made her the worst pancakes EVER but she still says its her favorite birthday because it was the first time someone really thought of her...

Thank you so much for even reading all this!
I'll promise to keep trying and learn how to use photoshop!



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well I thought the quality of the picture is just too bad ... so I used pancakes and wrote a poem instead ... maybe next year my skills are better. thanks again :)
You're right, it's not a very good picture - technically - but so what? For this? It's fine. I fixed it up a bit and moved her into a new environment. So it's yours if you want it. Don't feel obliged!Happy BD Best Friend :mrgreen:

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