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Photoshop request

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It would be nice, if someone could make a picture of heating mug, like the thermo ones and send a link of download in private message. With PDF file, ofcourse.

Thanks before!
At the risk of stating the obvious, what's wrong with using Google Images to find a photo of a mug that you like?

Also, this forum is primarily for teaching people, so we strongly prefer people to keep their activities out in the open, on the forum, instead of jumping over to private messages (ie, that no one except you can learn / benefit from).

Tom M
To be blunt, your statement, "...I need it for school...", sounds like an admission of an attempt to cheat, ie, get someone else do the work for you. If so, academic dishonesty is a serious offense at any school. I have taught design at a major university for 11 years, and FYI, it is incredibly easy for an instructor to tell if something is truly your own work or you had "help" with it (ie, the typical claim when confronted). All he has to to is require the suspected cheater to walk him through the steps the suspect used while you are sitting at a computer running PS.

At my university, when such an offense is detected and reviewed, if it is the student's first offense, the student is given a zero on that assignment. If it's his second offense, he gets a zero in the course, and if it is his 3rd offense, he gets thrown out of school for the semester. In other words, it's a real big deal.

I can't speak for others, but my lack of response to your request is because:

(a) I would like to save you from making a bad decision and potentially having your graduation delayed; and,

(b) The purpose of school is to learn, and you would learn absolutely nothing if someone else does your work for you.

OTOH, I, and other forum participants would be delighted to help you learn to do the assignment on your own. All you have to do is show what you have already tried, enter into a detailed discussion of the applicable techniques, and show your work.

Tom M

PS - If by some chance, this really is not an attempt to cheat, my apologies, but, even so, we still prefer teaching about Photoshop here on PSG, not doing work for others.
Not open for further replies.