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Paid Photoshop Request

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This imgur album has the images and a description of what I need:

Basically there are two of each images, you can choose whichever fits you the best even though they are very much alike.

The images need to be photoshopped into a mirror that is broken in a visible way such as cracks.

The image where the girl is standing up needs to be on the left side of the mirror, and the image where the girl is laying down looking sad needs to be on the right corner of the mirror.
No reflections in the mirror is required.

I also want the image to be in black & white.

I'm offering 15 USD through PayPal as a payment.

Once finished, PM me on the forum with a screenshot of your finished product, if I think that you fulfill my requirements I will PayPal you and you will then send me the finished product INCLUDING the whole "solution" file incase I need to do any minor changes in the future.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.


Not open for further replies.