Photoshop sketch + water color: how to?


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Hi there!

I want to use photoshop to get a black ink sketch from an existing photo (of a city landscape) and after this to color it manually using water color paints. I am new to Photoshop... can anyone recommend me what effects/processing should I use in Photoshop for this?

The first problem that I faced was that the sketch that I got from a photo was too small and had too many details that were difficult to color afterwards

Thank you
Yes you can there are many ways to do that I'm not on computer at moment but you could use what I showed you and delete the areas that are to dark using a selection tool have pixel grid show would help with straight lines
Here's a method that you might try to see if it gives you results you like.

First I always make a copy of the original layer. I made two copies. The first layer up I used the poster edges filter and adjusted it so the lines were thin and there was minimal posterization. Then I applied the threshold and adjusted it so there was not very much dark area. I changed the blend mode to overlay and, like iDad said, added a mask to reduce some of the solid black layers (using a low opacity, fairly soft black brush). There are a lot of flexible factors/options in these adjustments and how you can use blend modes and layers to achieve effects. You just need to play around with them. The more you use Photoshop, the more methods will become available to you.


For adding color to a B&W image, paint on separate layers (and name them!). Change the blend mode. You can experiment for the effects you want, especially in different areas, but often multiply will give you the best results. And it is easy to clean up outside the lines with an eraser because the colors are confined to specific areas and different layers.