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Photoshop support for 10 bit displays/GPU's

Carlton Cullen

New Member
I'm building a new PC (Windows 10) to run Photoshop & Lightroom. As "true" 10 bit displays are now available at a "reasonable" price, that's where I aim go...

I know Photoshop supports 10 bit files, but I'm a little confused over which GPU's Photoshop will recognise in this regard...

From what I understand regular GPU's (For Gaming etc.) will not work, and Pro GPU's are the only way to ensures everything connects in the 10 bit pipeline. Is this true?

If so, I guess I'm looking at GPU's from the Radeon Pro line or the Nvidia Quadro line.

Question: Does Adobe (Photoshop) publish any kind of list with regards to which specific GPU's are supported?

Any advice and input would be most welcome on this subject...