Photoshop tutorials for kids

I created two Photoshop tutorials for young kids and was wondering if you could comment on it.

This one teaches the basic commands in Photoshop.

And this one uses a simple animation technique to create a home-made cartoon with kids. The animation we created is quite simple but was fun to make with the little one. (Note that she's bilingual hence the French language...). You can watch it below.

Any feedback, in particular if you have experience in teaching Photoshop to children, would be much appreciated!
This Photoshop session has been the favourite so far: Colouring with hidden textures


The next Photoshop lesson will practice 'moving layers' around. I came up with the concept of forest acrobatics, where the child moves the animals to form acrobatic figures. The session went well but wasn't as popular as the colouring above. Any thoughts on how I can make the next lesson more exciting?

  • Could it be more exciting to build a house instead of animal acrobatics?
  • Or maybe a long ladder to rescue Rapunzel from that tall tower she's trapped in?
Any creative ideas or comments would be most appreciated!
forest acrobatics fox.jpg
Hi Inkz. Thanks for your feedback. That's ok. I will try and create some content that's interesting for adult users, too. With regard to the above posts I am mostly hoping for parents to see it. The kids the tutorials are targeted for would be 3-10 years of age, which means that they are too young to start using Photoshop all by themselves :).
watched the first one, that was cute. Never to early to start. It is actually a good idea. Bravo!
My step daughter painted this very pretty character the other day. And next to the character she painted some kind of purple blob. When I asked what that purple blob was, she replied:
'It's a semi circle, you silly!'

Well, it is obvious, don't you think?! Kid's can be so funny sometimes :)!

I loved her new painting so much that I decided to update the tutorial on hand-drawn animations. I removed all the mouse cursors I had in the previous animation, which makes it look a lot more professional. But the animation technique remains dead simple. Easy enough to do it with kids. Or without them, of course :)!

Besides, hand-drawings (and especially children's hand-drawings) look really awesome in animations or Photoshop artwork! You can enjoy our short (and silly) animation here: