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Picture of my passed away mother


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Hello my Photoshop Gurus,

Well the title sounds kind off sad but let me introduce and explain myself
(Sorry for the bad english!)

My name is Marco Bolhuis and i am 25 years old and from the Netherlands.
My mother passed away at the age of 41, 20 years ago i was 5 years old at the time.
Now 20 years later my mom and dad would have been married for 40 years
He is still alone and visits her grave every week so i would really give him a nice present

The photo i have is more then 20 years old so it is not in the best condition and not sharp at all..
I scanned it in and made it into a .pdf and .jpg file

So my question is could one of you help me out and make the photo sharper, newer or just beautiful again
So me and my dad could have a picture like she really was.

I would like to thank you allready

Marco Bolhis

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