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I've used a Canon T2i with its kit lens for years for thousands of online product shoots on eBay and Amazon. How Much Picture Quality Gained with Full Frame Canon Verses T2i?

I have a large collection antique diaries and similar bound materials that I wish to place on my site for those interested in genealogy. As traditional flatbed scanners are not ideal and slow I will be constructing a DIY scanner using one or two cameras in conjunction with a "V" shaped book support platform and "V" shaped glass platen to keep the pages flat during the shoot.

I thinking of either buying Canon's replacement for the T2i or upgrading to a full frame camera. The materials with the largest surface areas I would be shooting would be antique newspapers which are generally larger than modern papers.

How much picture quality will be gained by using a full frame verses the equivalent of the T2i? Are the greater number of pixels worth the extra cost?