Please Critique My Background Img ! ! ! !


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Hello !

I had done this image in Photoshop CS6, not good at all with this kind of stuff. So I am here looking for some feed back. And advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Also, is my image to big to be a background repeating image?

Here is the code:

body {     background-attachment:scroll;     background-color:#000;     background-clip:border-box;     background-image:url(img/bg-body.jpg);     background-origin:padding-box;     background-position:left top;     background-repeat:repeat-xy;     background-size:auto auto;             font-family:"Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; /* Serve Helvetica Neue, with Helvetica fallbacks to Arial */     font-size:11px;     font-weight:300; /* Better supported than 'lighter' attribute */     line-height:18px;     color:#444; /* Lighter on the eyes than #000 Black */