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Please, help me, damaged file Adobe Photoshop


Hello ladies and gentlemen! Straight to the essence of the problem. Worked in the same .psdfile, the source always remained normal and were opened too, until today, when opening, did not see that all the layers are merged, and the image is just black. The weight of the file has not changed. Is it possible now to pick up this file? Tried various utilities, but they did not help. Thank you.
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You don't mention if you're on Windows or a MAC
If you're on a MAC you could try Time Machine that's if you have it setup already and if you're on Windows you could try System Restore

Bit late now but you should always have at least one backup of your important files

There's also another option in Windows, right click on the file and select properties and then click on Previous Version

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This may not work every time but I have had that happen three times for no reason but my computer has always acted weird since I bought it as a used machine
The only way I got the file back to the orginal state I left it in was to open it in another application. Opened the damaged file in Elements and it opened it normally twice..... layers intact and I could then save it under a different name and reopen it in PS as normal ......the third time I lost it forever as it wasn?t recoverable.
Also I was using a Mac
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