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Please help me writing this....

Although this is vector related thing and I have been asking this in Adobe community as well as Reddit forums but no one replied to this. This is why I am writing about this here. Please consider this a humble request in helping for writing this.
I am trying to write something in Adobe Illustrator but the words are not joining. The font is in Arabic and when I write in the preview mode, the words are joined.

Now when I downloaded the font, installed it and installed the font, then installed the Arabic language in windows 10 and also downloaded the Urdu font along with their keyboards. I did these settings in Adobe Illustrator:
* show Indic languages in options>type
* in character panel, set the language to Arabic in the bottom left corner, then in paragraph page clicking middle Eastern single line composer and then in "open type" tab I have clicked all the ligatures settings and then when I write, the words don't join. My Adobe Illustrator is not MENA version, it is a simple one.
Please guide me as I have to make a logo out of it for a client. I am really facing a lot of trouble.
(I have attached the screenshots).



Not sure whats happening with your fonts but if you outline this font in Illustrator you would be able to manipulate each element separately. Adding to or taking away parts you don't want.
Hope this helps.
Yea really this didn't come to my mind at all. Thanks a lot for letting me know this. However i was also wondering what is going wrong, when the web browser shows that the words can be joined but when i do this in Ai, the words are not joining.
Thanks a lot again because i could manage to do what i was looking for by doing what you suggested.
Now there is one further help i need.
I am attaching the screenshot of what i am doing but let me tell you what i want to make (the final thing)
I have written what i was intending to write. Now i want it to be sunken. I want the TEXT to be sunken and the whole square area to be elevated from around the words not from edges but inside the text with black or some other custom texture on the walls but the text remain at the bottom. Only the blue rectangle is elevated above. I tried doing various things which didn't help:
As an example i did this on a text from some Google search. The text is not exact the one in which i wrote, both the fonts are different but just to give the idea, it is here. Please guide me how can i do this.