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Please help: mesh/3D stuff


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Hello, I'm new here :)

I print and produce full wrap phone cases, full wrap meaning the print goes round the sides of the case not just the back. I use a 3D heat press to get the results. Anywaaaaay, as you can imagine we have a lot of designs, which would mean printing EVERY design in every case model (currently 4) and photographing it for the website. So thats a lot of photos and a lot of cases printed just for this.

What i desperately need is a template in Photoshop (or illustrator) which is a mesh(?) 3D model of the case that i can then import the designs onto which would automatically show a mockup of he design 3D in the shape of the case. More or less recreating a picture of a printed case - but an easy way for each design. I've added a pic of the sort of cases i mean. I have no idea if this is possible or if i'm just dreaming. I've used photoshop and illustrator for a few years but never needed to use 3D or meshes before so no idea where to start.

Any help really appreciated