Please help us with our clan logo

Hello everybody

I'm new in this forum but I've seen incredibly works of yours which convinced me to register myself, even if I'm new to photoshop and have absolutely no skills in 3d-design etc.

I kinda feel bad that my first post is a "help related post" but our new League of Legends clan needs a cool logo and I've seen such good stuff (especially from Hoogle in this post: that I hope, that someone could help me with it.

So.. what do I want :)
- A clan-logo in the style of the one I posted in the link above (I really like this font)
- Main-text (big) is: tubk whereat the t should be in the style of a "swiss-cross" or a "plus sign", somethink like this:
- Sub-text (smaller and below main-text): team unbreakable
- Color: I'd prefer something reddish but if you think that something different would look better, feel free to surprise me :)
- It should look good on a dark background (so that it could later be printed on a tshirt for example)

- And if you have fun making it, an intro like would be :eek: but it's not absolutely necessary, the logo is the thing to focus on :)

We really hope that you guys could help us and we're looking forward to your results :)

Thanks in advance,
team unbreakable


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OK, here are few that I was messing around with and just changing up the placement. I stuck to what you wanted --- red and a plus sign/cross for the "T" --- let me know what you think?

Oh my god.. wow :D these are by far more cool than we have ever expected :cool2:

@TravisHD: We totally fell in love with the logo in your first post on the red background in the right top corner (the one with the flipped T and the text above the T). Could you please do us the favor and post us one where it is a bit bigger and in high quality? that would be so awesome.
The one in your second post (the 3d logo) is exactly the style we were initially looking for! It would be so cool if you could additionally do the logo from the first post (red background top right like I described above) in this style too :)
I hope that's not too much work and thanks already for your work! We are very impressed :)

@Hoogle: Your logo also looks very cool and clean, thank you so much! But with the logo of Travis it was just love at first sight :) I hope you're not angry with us, we really appreciate and like what you made for us and I personally hope, that I could learn something from both of you in this board by reading tutorials etc.

You both are the best :)


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Hi Xera,

I'd be happy to do that for you and thanks for the kind words. I'll post your new logo here in just a few hours (have to go run some wife errands first lol).

Let me know if there is anything else I could do for you. As far as an intro, that would take me hours and I wouldn't be able to do it for free. If you are interested in a paid intro, just let me know via PM or through my website contact form.



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Hi Xera,

Here is the requested logo. I hope this works for you --- let me know if you need anything else. If you could please let me know what your email is and I will email you some high resolutions versions that you need as well as a .AI file for future use.