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please help with editing my psd catalog ! please !

Coral Classics

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hello. i am trying to edit a brochure / catalog that was created in photoshop.

we created the brochure with a set of products now we have 4 or 5 more products so i need to add pages , but , the original person is nowhere to be found and all i know is microsoft publisher.

when i open the psd files to try and edit them i sit in front of the monitor staring at photoshop,,,, sigh.

all i want to do is use an existing brochure page open it in photoshop edit the pics and text to include the new lines of product. please help have no idea what to do.

i have attached one of the psd files and also a pdf of the new page i created by pasting pics on top of the originals it looks horrible,, please help. thanks

cant seem to upload and attach the psd file so here is a link to my drive folder and the photoshop format file i want to edit


also here is the page after i converted the psd to jpg and using publisher just created text boxes in white and copied blocks of text and pictures over the existing page, its emabarassing and i want to learn how to edit my existing brochure


thanks alot , henry


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Hello and welcome to the forum.

As PSG is prmarily a discussion and training forum, we leave the decision of carrying out free edits to the discretion of our members. Our members are comprised of people located in many countries that have different time zones. Please be patient as it may take awhile for our interested members to see your request and reply. Thanks.


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Welcome to the forum, Coral Classics.

Please don't feel offended that no one here has responded to your request even at this time. Someone may eventually come up with assistance to your request.

But this looks more like a Major catalog page re-design. More time-consuming, detailed and job skill intensive than the usual request edits that members here have accepted and are willing to give time and effort to do for free. Some of the major elements in the psd file has to be re-engineered (so to speak) in order to duplicate your pdf sample. And will need original images of products and brontosaurus logo to ensure catalog image quality.

Even if we were to convert the redesigned page into pdf, you may or will encounter difficulty when you re-edit it in Publisher to include new images and product specifications. It will be to your advantage to have someone do everything for you at one go. Even for future revisions for a reasonable fee.

To ensure that your needed design be given time and effort to ensure quality results, may I suggest you use the forum's Photoshop Freelance Work (Fee for Service Section) .

As you can see in our THE GUIDELINES minimum price listing , the mentioned prices are reasonable. If the work you need is not listed in the price list, make an offer of your budget. Designers and customers are allowed to negotiate for an agreed, reasonable fee.