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Please Help.

Okay so i have a big request.
I have to do this by the end of the week but i need help.
I need to paint my rims but i don't whant to make a bad decision.

I need it to be white where it's now painted black....and black where is grey(natural color of the rim)
Please help me...

The colors should be black(color of the car) and white but not matte white.
Thank you.

Sry for the spelling....english is not my first language.


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I see now that was a little to fast, i will maybe give it a try later tonight. I thought u wanted the black part of the car white at first
Ouch...it's a misunderstanding...

I Wanted only the rims(alloys) .
I'm verry sorry for the work you did,but it's a really good work :).

I want only the rims to be different.

The rims should be white in the place where it's black(the white u did the car it's perfect).
And in the place where it's grey(natural color off the rim) i want it to be black(the black u did on the rims it's perfect)

Very very nice job .

thank you very much!


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Yes I didnt read the part where you said that you only wanted the rims to be colored. I now made a new picture with only the rims changed, tell me if i understood you right. In case i didnt, i will try to redo it. P.S. Just curious, what is your first language?

Photoshop Req Car.jpg
You got the ideea now. The place you put the color is perfect.

I think you can imagine what i would like to get on the car.
White and black on the rims in combination with the black paint on the car.
But....and I'm sorry for all the requests...I would like the white to be more white...but not matte white.
It came out a little grey.
I want to thank you for all the work you put into this.

And my first language is Romanian.
I can speak it very very well...but hard on the writting part.


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It's no problem. I am just a little bit confused what you meant by the color white not being matte white. Like what exact white you mean? But here is a new version with it being a brighter white instead of grey
And romanian, i see. Nice language, but very hard i heard, right?

Photoshop Req Car new.jpg
Not that hard...not like deutsch or french.
In the first picture the details are insane :D
About the car.
I meant candy white....not white like the background of this forum.
What's ur opinion?
Should i make the rims white and black ?
It kinda looks better in the second picture... in the last picture it's just white...i dont know why.
I'm confused....and i'm not willing to paint them and hope for the best :)).
But i have to make a decision this weekend :|.
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Deutsch ist nicht so schwer, et le francais est comme si comme sa. In case u dont speak german or francais, i said german is not so hard, and french is so so

I looked again through the second post and tried to create another picture based on what you told me. Basically i just have the second picture with a brighter white, but not as bright as on picture three. Maybe that is more what you imagining it like

Photoshop Req Car new 2.jpg

And my personal opinion, yes you can paint the rims black and white. Its not neccesary, but looks good on the car. If you can afford it it is a good idea
i would just make them all black.
having the white makes it look funny.
but if you are going to make them black it need to be the same black as the car body or it will look wierd
@Dataflow My first choice was all black.But it's going to look strange with the rim black,the car black and the tyre not so black.
It's going to be a big difference between the tyre and the black on the rim and on the car,especially in Bucharest where after you wash ur car ,it's dusty after 1 day .
And it's very difficult to keep the tyre all black..even with all the products on the market.

Thank you Alosolo for the giving me an ideea on what it will look like.
In my mind I thought it would look better,but it just looks like a chess table.
If I had something else white on the car,you could associate with white on the rims.

This is my final request,and I'm sorry if I'm a pain in the a.

This is my second choice but I don't know how it would look on a BLACK car.

If you guys cand make this car BLACK like the car in the first request and leave the rims untouched. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/3/astraalb.jpg/.
This is the best quality I found for this picture :banghead:,

I really hope this works for me because I'm out of options :sad:
WOW... this is Umbeliveable.

Just wow.
Yeah just like this.
I think I'm going to go with this for the rims.
Thank you very much...
its not that hard once you know how.
most of what i did is from playing around and trying different things.
on your first request i did what Alosolo did.
he just inverted the rims so the black became with and white become black.
then a tried just adding black as a new layer and blending it with the original image which looked better.
and i did the same with the last image.
selected the white body made a blank layer and filled the selection with black and blended that with the original white so i had the detail still there
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It sounds easy when you say it .:))
I think i just need to practice and follow the tutorials here.

Thanks a lot for the picture.You made my day.