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Please improve the resolution of this image

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Martyna Kudziela

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This image is the artwork of Brandon Boyd, lead singer of Incubus. I would be grateful if someone could improve its resolution/quality. My boyfriend is a huge fan of Boyd's artwork and I would love to print this one out on a T shirt for him, however unfortunately this was the best quality of the image I could find online, and it is not big enough to look good when printed out.


Tom Mann

The reason you can't find a higher resolution version of this image on-line is almost certainly because the artist, Brandon Boyd has intentionally posted only lower resolution versions, so that if you want a copy of his art, which he undoubtedly has worked hard to produce, you have to pay him for his work. Some of his art is priced in the several thousand dollar range.

He has an on-line store:

In the bottom left hand corner of the above page, he also gives readers methods to contact him. I suggest you do so. You might even be able to negotiate a very low price with him, and the quality of the product will undoubtedly be vastly superior to an attempt to up-rez a lower-rez version.

Personally, I will never knowingly violate the legal copyright (ie, right to copy the work) of another artist, if for no other reason than I would not like to have someone do this to me. In addition, no matter what you may tell us, for all we know, you could easily be a commercial rip-off operation that wants to sell lots of copies of his $3500 art for $100 each and get this site into legal trouble.

Thread closed.

Tom M
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