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Sofi Kova - Obviously, the Golden Ratio and Golden Mean rules have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years, but, do you have a reference / literature citation / URL that explains this particular golden ratio concept as applied to the dozens of different numerical ratios that can be formed when characterizing a face?

Also, do you have any comments or thoughts on the face re-shaping options that are offered in the software package, Portrait Pro?

You may or may not be aware of this, but during the development stage of their software, using focus groups, the developers of this package determined that strict formulaic approaches (ie, following strict ratios) gets much lower approval ratings than being flexible about shape adjustments. In addition, so many people vigorously objected to any face re-shaping whatsoever, that Portrait Pro was developed to offer the user the means to continuously vary the amounts of various types and areas of facial re-shaping from zero up to obviously overkill amounts (for special FX, primarily).


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yes i checked portrait pro app they want to much money for this app, golden ratio mask i found free mask on internet, portrait pro makes the face too doll like
The subject of this thread and my previous comments were about face reshaping, not skin smoothing.

But since you didn't address my questions, and since you brought up skin smoothing instead, you should know that just like with their face reshaping, it has large number of separate adjustments for skin smoothing, ALL of which can be set to zero, if desired. So, if you ever see a Portrait Pro edit in which the skin of the subject looks too "doll like", you are looking at a user who doesn't know what they are doing.

If you are making this assertion about "doll like skin" because you have read it on the net, but have no personal experience with the program, then you should download a free trial and see for yourself. Of course, like any complicated program, it can easily take several dozen practice runs before you get good at using it properly.