Portrait of the girl

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Please correct me, critics allowed, at this photo i used golden ratio layer, i dont like eyebrows but thats what golden ratio telling to do
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Great work.

There' no doubt that the model in the edited image conforms more to the diminished body image that's become the societal/industry standard. I think it's a required skill to understand the Golden Ratio overlay and the concept of symmetry. It has it's place in advertising or fashion rags if that's going to be where your interests lay. Just remember, strict adherence to the overlay is not necessary as in the case of her eyebrows. I would look at the overlay as a general guide to make subtle changes.

In this case though I have to admit, I'm more of a fan of the original photo of the model. She's strikingly unique and perfect the way she was.
and how to make the hair more natural? what would u recommend, as u see her color on original not solid which looks cheap, and the volume its not enough, as i think)))
thank u for ur opinion for now im just learning the photoshop, so i need to learn to make changes, as natural as possible, but in real life i agree with , i wouldnt change the eyebrows
In my opinion, if you want more volume you need to start adding hair to the lower part of the hair not the upper, With the colour problem i think you need to try to match the colours but you cant loose the hightlight and shadows because you lose volume and looks weird.

I made a fast example to make it right it requires a lot of work and time.

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