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Poster/tile Printing


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Hi All,

I'm trying to print a large file (PSB saved as PDF) that Acrobat doesn't support or recognize (even optimized) when I try to print tiled. Just get "There are no pages to print". Being that I'd like to avoid this problem and also not sacrifice quality (does the reformat do so?) I'd like to find a means by which to do so in Photoshop without having to set up guides and bleeds for each individual sheet. Working with 40 11x17s there. That would be pretty painful.

Are there any plugins or setting available?

CS5 or CC are my options.

Tom Mann

With 40 11x17's, you are dealing with quite a few pixels, more than I have ever done, so I can't say for sure if these methods will work at that size, but here are some approaches that certainly do work with smaller images:

1. onOne's Perfect Resize (was: Genuine Fractals)
- - - http://blog.kenkaminesky.com/onone-perfect-resize-software-review/ (scroll down about 20% of the page)
- - - I think this will be your best option. Obviously, you are not using the resize capability of Fractals, just the tiling capability.

2. Adobe Illustrator
- - - http://daydull.com/tips-tutorials/h...-paper-using-adobe-photoshop-and-illustrator/

3. Adobe InDesign
- - - http://help.adobe.com/en_US/indesig...ml#WSa285fff53dea4f8617383751001ea8cb3f-7080a

4. I presume you have investigated the slice tool in PS (which is quite automated)?

5. Excel does tiling - just paste an image across many cells of a spreadsheet.
- - - This might just work at your size because one often needs very large spreadsheets printed across multiple pages. I've used it when stuck at an office computer that doesn't have Acrobat or any of the other programs mentioned above installed, but my experience stops with a 2x3 or 3x4 array of pages (...it was a long time ago and I forgot which).

6. I've heard that Powerpoint also tiles, but I've never tried it.

7. There are several $30 - $70 software packages designed to do exactly this. Unfortunately, you'll have to read the specs to see if they will handle such large images.

8. I don't want to bring up Acrobat again, but are you sure you have explored all the options. Just like you, Acrobat is usually the first program I reach for when I need tiled prints.

Please let me know what you finally use. As you can probably surmise, over the years, I've had to do this on numerous occasions and am interested in this sort of thing.