Preview thumbnails of .psd files in Photoshop CS6?


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There was a feature in CS5 and previous versions I've seen which allowed you to see a preview of a .psd file before opening it, but is not in my CS6. It was when you go to file>open and select a photoshop document, there was a small picture of it to the right or the bottom of the menu. It was extremely useful for when you are searching through psds when you forgot the name of the one you want to open, instead of opening them all. Has this feature been dropped or can I enable it somehow?
I'm using Windows 7 and Photoshop CS6 64 bit.
Can you see it in Bridge? I have CS5 and I only see my psd files by using bridge....
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You can preview all your psd files by using mini bridge. It will appear at the bottom of the page. You will be able to click on the file you want and it will open in your editing space. That's It!