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Printing on vinyl cling material


New Member

I'm trying to print on some special vinyl cling material. I tried saving my .psd graphics / text image to a jpg file so that I could more easily import it into MS Publisher. When I printed it on the setting for 'Ultra Premium Glossy Photo Paper' which is what the manufacturer recommends, it looks like it should on the photo paper, but using the same settings printed to the vinyl cling material and my green (RGB: 76-116-53 / hex: 4c7435, CMYK: 72, 33, 100, 19) shifted to something more like (RGB: 142-155-80, CMYK: 48, 26, 84, 5; this is a guess as it is the hard copy print from an Epson Photo RS-380 ultra high resolution inkjet printer.

Does anyone have an suggestions for maintaining the same output from the photo paper on the vinyl cling material?


Retired Administrator
It may not be the setting.... Are you working in RGB? I advise you work in the CMYK Color space in Publisher rather in RGB. OR Convert your PS work from RGB to CMYK.

It is possible to see colors in RGB that you can't make in CMYK

They are said to be "out of the CMYK color gamut". What happens is that the RGB-to-CMYK translator just gets as close as possible to the appearance of the original and that's as good as it can be. it's best to select colors you use for fonts or other design elements in your layout using CMYK definitions instead of RGB. That way, you will have a better idea of how they will appear in your print.