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Problems with new version of CC


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Hi All,

I just joined your forum and hope someone can help me. I am a full time professional photographer specializing in events and corporate work. I have had photoshop CC for about a year and a half and have loved it. Contrary to a lot of folks, I shoot jpeg plus raw, but do most of my finished work on the jpegs unless I need a particularly large file...the raws stay as backups, but I find with my Canons and good exposure, my jpegs are an excellent starting point. I general shoot only med jpeg + med raw unless I will need a larger file. So my
editing procedure is to open usually 50 med jpegs at a time in PS (28 mb files) I have a fairly updated computer with an i7 chip and 16 gb of ram, my primary HD is a solid state 256 GB one and I have several terabytes of storage on other standard drives.

Anyhow...before the latest update (june 2016), I had no trouble with speed of processing 50 files at a time...but now when I open a batch...PS stalls quite dramatically, at least until I process the first few files (can't even access my actions bar at all for a few seconds)...then as I go thru the files and save them...its starts to act normally. I do have 75% of ram assigned to PS and I have cache levels set to 4...20 history states, cache tile size 128K

Anything else I can do to enhance processing speed?