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PS CS5 - Advanced Channel Masking Technique [1080p]


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Hello guys! First post on this forum! Why not let it be an epic one :D

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Image used in video:


In my very first photoshop tutorial i will go over the really powerful advanced channel masking technique. Many times an editor needs to isolate an object from a frame, in this case we'll remove the entire sky background from a high density-high quality picture of a tree.

Advanced Channel Masking? Huh?
Using a tool such as the lasso tool, pen tool, magic wand tool etc. can seem quite efficient at making a selection HOWEVER in this case none of the tools would do you any justice based on the factor of time consumption, accuracy and efficiency. This is where the advanced channel masking technique will help. Basically you will choose between the 3 RGB channels and decide which one has the biggest contrast between colors (which one has a higher contrast of white and black), in this case the Blue RGB channel was used. With the Blue channel being the only one selected we appy several image calculations and level modifications to basically end up with a black and white silhouette of our entire shot. You are then easily able to create a selection, invert it as you please and layer via cut/copy or adjustment layer it. Leaving you with a very accurate mask of the object you want isolated. In this video I will also show you how to remove decontaminated colors and also apply some fine tuning. Hope you guys enjoyed it, and be sure to request a tutorial!
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This is a really great tutorial...

I followed it and took down some notes, but I'm using this method for removing the background with a model that has wispy hair, and it actually provided some great results.


I make masking for hair in my job source but never did it for another image, your one is great fantastic job you doing.


Oy! Great tutorial! I, as the beginner that I am, at first failed to find the "Masks" window in Photoshop CC (2014) so I actually managed it a little bit different:

1 - I followed the tutorial until the selection of the "Alpha 2" Channel (3:20 in the video)
2 - Went over to the "Layers" panel
3 - Left-clicked on the layer that I was working on (Layer 0, for future reference)
4 - Made sure to select the sky/background, inverting the selection if needed
5 - Hit backspace to remove the sky.

-----Refining the edges-----
6 - Made sure to select the trees/leaves/branches (Just invert the previous selection from the sky; if lost, it may be selected again with Cmd+Left-click or Ctrl+Left-click on the "Alpha 2" Channel in the "Channels" tab and then Left-clicking "Layer 0" in the "Layers" tab again)
7 - Opened the "Select" tab and hit "Refine Edge..." and followed instructions from the video.

I felt it worked well, even without the mask. If you are having trouble with the "Masks"/"Properties" tab in Ps CC as I did, this is an alternative (ˆuˆ)