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PS request. Xmas present for girlfriend! :)

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Hey guys,
at first, i hope u understand my english :D I wanna do a self-written-book with a self-created book-cover.
But now I need help from you, please. I dont have any PS skills.

I wanna put this text on the front of my book-cover. it should not be too corny, because its for my 23 aged girlfriend . She likes "selfmade" things.
Feel free to design the text as u want, but not too corny. Maybe some words in horizontal, and some in vertical - but not needed, just an advice of mine.

The size of the book-cover is 148x210 mm (millimeter) (HxL - means, the longer side is below) (DIN A 5 - dont know whether u know those measures :D)

(jfyi: i will wirte things inside the book what I wanna experience with her in our relationship.)
I hope you can help me! Thanks!


what I also really really like is the setup of this picture. I like the background of this picture. IMG-20151123-WA0002.jpg

It should be fancy, but not too corny, but also should be lovely.

PS: sorry for the big pictures >_<

I just need the pictues :)

I hope u understand my problem!

Thanks! :)


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Hello and welcome to PSG.

We don't mind requests for edits and we have members here who are willing to help you out. As PSG is primarily a discussion and training forum, we leave the decision of carrying out free edits to the discretion of our members. Our members are comprised of people located in many countries that have different time zones. Please be patient as it may take awhile for our interested members to see your request and reply.

Just for clarification, which text do you want on the cover............the first "If I could give you one........", or the second, "To the world you may be one....."?
Hey Sam - Thanks for the fast reply!
I know that you are a discussion and training forum - but I didnt know where to go for my request :)
I would prefer the longer "If I could give you one........" text, but if it's too heavy to design that text u can use the second, shorter one :)

Just another condition, can we do a colored background, not a white one...maybe a darkblue or sth like that. should look smooth, together with the font :)

Thanks so far! :)
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Since I had not revisited this thread in awhile due to it's inactivity, I myself did not notice that an offer of payment was made. Had I noticed, I would have removed the offer and advised the OP of the option to move the thread to freelance. The OP never indicated to any of the moderators that the thread should be moved to freelance.

Notice to all members, any thread that's not in the freelance section where the OP offers payment for a request, should be reported. Thanks.

We will chalk this one up to a learning experience with our new Free Photoshop Request forum.

Closing this thread now.
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