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Question about cutting face from an image


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Hello, I am trying to cut out Arnold’s face and put it on a transparent background. Please see the images

kitxvsitvis.PNG I want to put a different quote and then print this on a white mug. It’s a gift. I don’t want face to be surrounded with the black line since it will become apparent on the white mug. Can you suggest me the easiest way and what tools to use to cut out a face from an image like that?



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I am using CS6. Thank you so much, Eggy. I have found a video through your link that might solve the problem that I was having. I could not make a smooth selection. Thanks for helping.

I appreciate your help very much!
Also...................you should start with a larger version of the original image. Don't work with that small "quote" image.

Thanks, IamSam for the suggestion. I looked up for this image already and tried to cut face from it.

I agree that sometimes it's more convenient to cut face from original pictures.

Thanks for the suggestion, again! I appreciate your help very much