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Quick beginners tip for the quick mask mode.


Not a tutorial as such, but just some colour changing using the quick mask mode on some areas of a project i was doing, its not by far a Finnish item , but will give some one an idea on how to change a colour just using the quick mask mode.

Once you have your image loaded in to Photoshop

In your tools bar double press the square with a circle inside it
2018-02-15 21_21_51-Start.jpg

Once its double click you will need to set your settings as this.
2018-02-15 21_23_35-Start.jpg

Once this is done make sure your foreground colour is black , then paint over the area you want to change colour, don't worry it paint in red,
2018-02-15 20_40_33-Start.png
222018-02-15 20_53_39-Start.png

Once the area is painted press the Q Key and the red will disappear and a selection will be made of the area you painted , while the selection is active you can then add in my case a colour balance on each one i change colours on, you could use a hue and saturation or combinations if you like.

2018-02-15 21_24_18-Start.jpg

As you can see it automatically makes a layer mask when I selected the colour balance,

I did 4 layers using the quick mask mode and adding a colour balance, changing the gas mask colour, hair colour, skin colour and floor colour.


There are plenty other ways of selecting areas and changing colour...... this is just a quick way beginners can get use to the quick mask mode to do it. you can perfect your masking as you learn.