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Specific quick photoshop req

Hi can canyone do a quick photoshop to add stone to my wall. 2 different ones please, one with just the fireplace and up stone, and one with all the wall stone. Please replace all of the fireplace and add a moremodern fireplace, the black glass covers.


There is still a lot of detail missing - like cables, conduits, edge of the legde, switchboard, etc but I wanted to know if this is development in the right direction? This would be the first request of Just the fireplace with the given stone. Please let us know if you want the abovementioned detail in this pic?
In this image, I got the cables and the ledges but left out the conduit. I also straightened the pic - in this process, I had to resize and clip the pic towards all sides.
@Argos, On the wall, the individual marble bricks have their own shadows on the original pic provided - I did not adjust them. By "...add the same kind of light and shadows on the wall..." did you mean I need to reduce brightness of the wall more to match the other walls?
Really fast example, 1 minut, just combining the original image with your first attempt just using blend modes and dreadfull selections XD..

The goal is to try to match the ilumination in the room on the new wall, so it not look fake..


In this one, I reduced the opacity of the Marble Stone layer to about 85%, changed its blending mode to Overlay, reduced contrast, added another layer on top, painted this with the lightest colour available on the surrounding walls, changed Blending Mode to Multiply, reduced opacity to 15%.
Thanks for taking the time out, @Argos. If I have missed something or understood wrongly, please correct me.