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REALLY new newbie!

:{ OK, I have never used Photoshop before and I am trying to use tutorials to learn some things. Could you guys suggest something easy for me to try to do to start out? Any good tutorials out there? Thanks in advance, Shannon.
Hey welcome! I see you are from the same state I am! When I started a few months ago I worked Mark's tuts on the main site. He has some great tuts for beginners and forward. After I went through those I did a search on Google for pshop tuts and started there. I also worked through Pshop Classroom in a Book. I am sure the other gurus will have some great info for ya. :D
welcome aboard Mongo

The best thing you can do is to open Photoshop......... open a new document make it 500 by 500 pixels and start to click on the different tools to see what they do pencil first pick a size and have some fun

you see my thoughts are before you can create anything you need to get the feel of the brush first and I don't mean become an expert at it first just draw some lines and circles choose different colours add a gradient in then a new layer and paint some more etc

then go and start on Marks beginner tutes because they are so easy but remember if you get stuck just shout were here to help you along :D but above all have fun :rofl:


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Welcome aboard Mongo! :)

Tutes aside, sfm, is absolutely right! ;) When I first got PS, I did exactly what she suggested!

After you get through that (first) intimidating experience, you'll be better prepared for some great beginner tutes (already mentioned).

Enjoy the ride! :D
compressing layers?

I have been goofing around on the program and was able to make several layers on a circle, making it look kind of 3D. So, my question is where do I go from there? It is a transparent background and I would like it to stay that way but I don't know how to make the picture whole (I guess it's compressing the layers?). What do I do to make it 1 file and look transparent still when I put it onto a website or something? Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming!:\
Mongo, after you compress the layers (flatten the image) you need to save it as a gif file. File/Save for Web. When the dialogue box opens, choose "gif" and make sure that the "transparency" box is checked. You will see a split image "preview pane" which allows you to preview your original image in comparison to the image as it looks, based on the 'save options' that you choose.

There's lots to learn in this area and, although you're going to experiment with the different settings, I would suggest that you check out this tutorial first http://www.wise-women.org/tutorials/ps1/

Good Luck!:)
How do I compress the layers?
Thanks. I have 7.0 so I guess it will be similar to 6.0.
Welcome Mongo, glad you could come out to play, but before you do anything I stongly suggest the beginners Tutes on the main site. This will get you familiar with the basic functions of Photoshop and the functions of the tools. After that we can all start to hone your skills :perfect: :perfect:


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welcome mongo

Hey there, the tutorials are the best way to learn photoshop, ive been trying them all and the sites given here are a wealth of information.
I just keep practicing and trying different things and also I got the book Photoshop 7.0, Class Room In A Book, really helps.
Have fun:)
Thanks everyone. I will do the tutorials and then be back with lots of questions. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Just so you know... you DO NOT have to FLATTEN your document to make your images into a single file.
When you flatten your document it means you can no longer edit it or make any changes to the parts you created on the individual layers.

Just open the FILE menu and choose "Save for Web...", or "Save As...". And choose from the 'file type' list what image format you want your image to use -- i.e. Jpg, Gif, Png, Bmp, Tif, etc...

You're usually much better off just saving your document as an unflattened PSD file. Then also save out a copy of the file as another image format after that.