Red lines. Lots of red lines

i dont know where to post this. sooo...

is there a way to remove this lines? the red ones.
its an old file (like 6-7 years ago). when i opened it, the lines showed up. and it only happened in this file and not on the other "same age" files that i have.
i tried to hide every layer and its still there. :(

If you have it, please post the original file, e.g., most likely a JPG, not the PSD file. However, if that's all you have post the PSD.

Tom M
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I'm impressed, Chris! I'm worried, however, that the OP may not return because he never answered my request for him to post the file.

On a technical note, have you ever seen any corruption or other type of problem that could have caused this? For example, the red lines don't look at all like the usual JPG "bit rot" artifacts.

Tom M
Old "Eagle Eyes" is back and on the job! Thank you, MrToM!

I wonder why he was using a mask that looked like that. It almost looks like one is looking through very thin gauze-like curtains. But as Chris said, unless the OP returns, we'll never know, so please come back and tell us, TJ Gellada Monzon !

Tom M