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Relatively new to photoshop


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I am relatively new to Photoshop meaning that I do not know a damned thing and am looking for help via reading, tutorial and examples. I know enough to navigate inside the software, make a digital picture look like vomit and nothing else.

I usually learn fast but there are so many ways to do the same thing in PS that it becomes confusing.

Ah. oh, yes, I am french, have a weird way to express myself that makes me sound bad so, be aware and do not hold it against me!!! :eek:

I am currently stuck on channels on how to use them and so forth. A real mess in my mind at the moment.

I have dedicated website that I use to post images and other stuff related to Photoshop (among other things) like a picture I try to modify like a digital picture or a PSD file.


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Welcome to the forum Wolf! Your thread was moderated for who knows what reason, but I just approved. Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope you will enjpoy learning here.

Channels can be confusing so don't give up! You may want to find a good tutorial site that will give a succession of tuts on the subjects you need. PSD tuts is one. I have always enjoyed lynda.com, which you can subscribe to for about $25 a month, learn what you need and drop the subscription unless you want more.

Let us know where you are hung up and you will get some great expert advice here.

And don't worry about so many ways to do one thing in PS.Eventually you'll elarn what works best for you, easiest and most intuitive. It's a good thing we have options since some people think in terms of math and some of us like to play more organically. Enjoy and use us a resource no matter how basic or complex your issue. There are no dumb questions!