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Remove guest from wedding photos (Please)

Victoria Whittemore

New Member
Hi, I have never used anything like this before but was recommended this forum by a friend.

Last month we got married, We had a lovely day apart from the fact my "sister in law" and her friends decided they had fallen out with us (for some reason we are yet to be told). They spent the whole day blanking both me and her brother, being generally rude and making horrible comments, to the point I had to briefly leave my reception so they wouldn't see me cry.

Today we got our photos back and i feel so hurt and angry when i see a photo with them in it. I have deleted and cropped a lot of the photos they are in but some are group shots and i would like to keep them minus the unwanted faces.

Would anyone be able to try remove these awful guests from our wedding photos please?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

The women in the dark blue dress and in the photo of me and my daughter dancing its the three women dancing behind us together.

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Here is one you might want to send to your "sister in law" in her thank you card to remind her of how she acted that day.:devilish: