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Specific Remove person


Hi everyone, is it possible to remove the girl on the right? Thanks in advance.
More details in the request: the part where the white shirt is, neck and maybe mouth, can be removed and put the back of the furniture instead. Since the arm is behind her head it might be difficult to remove it, so maybe a sticker or an object can be put in the place of the head.



Hey actually that's pretty good, it's better than what I expected, excellent!

And maybe can you do something about one of the sticks of her glasses that is crossing vertically through the red furniture? Or maybe remove the whole red thing? Thanks!
Defiantly a mistake...only took out half of the glasses bow. Worse yet , I left a tuft of her hair. I suppose that's a chair of a different color lurking there.

I also wanted to change some things I didn't like. The post on the right of the image needed some color changes, The carpet looks better to me with another reddish stripe in it. The killer was the chair which I had extended to the floor because I was too lazy or tired to create one with legs and all that entailed (which is surprisingly a lot.)

Remove Woman_8b.jpg
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