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removing a white back ground


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Hi guys

Hope you can help

I’m trying to remove a white back ground from a stock image - and make it transparent , but don’t know how to - let me explain .

I have a fish bowl that currently has a white back ground - this bowl will be placed on a surface and have the white be transparent so the bowl is in essence see through - I’ve tried everything I can think of - but am kind of getting it right , but the bowl ends up looking either vector or the edges of the glass end up looking black - can anyone help?

thanks in advance

stock-photo-small-goldfish-in-a-fish-tank-with-bubbles-of-air-20706835.jpg Ie if i put this on a counter - how do i put the back ground in the bowl as if its see through images.jpg any tutorial would be great or if anyone can point me in the right direction.

thanks guys



Hi zoebean

Something like this


This was extracted using the color range selection technique

1. Open your image
2. Go to select>color range
3. Sample the color to be selected in this case white.
4. Using the eye dropper tool select the color by clicking on it "white color"
5. Now you need to adjust the shade range of the selected color, by using the fuzzines slider, set it up to 120, and press OK
6. That was the hard part, now, you will end it up whit a selection "color range based", this will be the easy part, now delete your current selection or use layer mask to get rid of the selection.
7. Manually you can fine tune you mask or selection, using a soft brush or eraser if not working whit masks.

*If you want to go a bit further, you can create a copy of the transparent fishing bowl on top and change the blending mode to overlay or screen, lower the opacity until you get a nice and crisp result.

Hope this helps