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Removing white artifacts?


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Hey, just wanted to know if there was a quick and easy way to remove the white artifacts from this image? I added a green background to show what I am dealing with. I'm not too concerned with the Orange blob in the back, just because I can find a png file of that with clean edges. My main concern is inside the pumpkin. I want to be able to remove that white and give it clean edges for the colored strokes. I don't suppose there is a tool that will let me select all the white and just delete it, haha probably wishful thinking. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!



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You can use Blend If.

Duplicate your image and turn the original off.


Click on the fx and select Blending Options.


You will be presented with the Layer Style panel and Blend If.


Hover your cursor over the slider on the right. Whilst pressing Alt and clicking at the same time. This will split them,
giving you more control when adjusting the image.


You will be able to see on the fly any adjustments occurring. And hopefully the result you require.



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Hey sorry for the late reply. I ended up finding what I needed using the background eraser tool. If the admins wanted to delete this post, that's fine.