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Specific Repair Old Photo Color Grain

Hi, I recently found an old camera of my grandfather's. It had old cr-41 film in it which I got processed, and discovered it was of my parents old wedding photographs, however they are very grainy. The grain seems to be very large, and very "colorful". I am new to photoshopping, and I have attempted to remove it in a free-trial of photoshop CC 2019. I'v tried "surface blur", and "reduce noise". Reducing noise really only seems effective for a radius of 2, which removes small grain (barely noticeable change in these photos), but doesn't fix the majority of the "large and colorful" grain as seen below. (Perhaps its not even supposed to be called grain. I'd say its non-homogenous color speckles. Thats my non-photoshop technical term..) The surface blur does also help a bit, since blurring the photo blurs some of the color speckles. But if you blur with too high a radius, obviously it gets blurry.

Anyway, are there any tools in photoshop for fixing these kinds of old photos? Theres got to be a way to smooth/blurr the color within each region of distinct color differences, while maintaining the borders where a colors change occurs. (i.e. top to bottom, walls, hair, faces, dresses, etc). Some of the general details are there, it just looks bad because of the specks and poor color.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions for for tools in photoshop that could be used, or free software for these kinds of photo-corrections.
Or, I welcome any experts to fix the photo too! I'd like to see how it could look. If they are fixable I may consider paying to get the others done professionally too. Thank you.